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Sep 23 2020

Whine guide by Beck & Matt Stanton

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Self-Help for Babies book 2. ABC Books, 2020. ISBN: 9780733341168.
(Age: All) Recommended. Another great addition to the series, Whine guide will have adults grinning at the descriptions of all the whines that a baby can make as well as the allusions to all the wine that an adult could drink. The following passage on the back cover gives the flavour of the book:
Dear Baby
Do you feel like you're speaking a million words a minute, but no one truly understands you?
Don't worry. A lot of babies feel this way.
We're here to help you get your message across, when it matters most.
Chat soon!
The book starts with the instructions of how to match the right whine to each occasion and follows with guides to the thirst quencher, the bubbly, the glass half empty, the surprise party, the nightcap, the fragrant drop, the bottom of the barrel and the sweet whine all paired well with appropriate actions. Every parent will recognise these familiar situations and will have fun identifying the various whines that their infant makes.
Each double page spread contains simple black and white illustrations on a coloured background, with the expressions on the face of the baby an absolute delight to look at.
It is obvious that the authors are very familiar with small babies and bring their expertise in illustration and humour to reassure parents about their baby's behaviour while giving them something to laugh about. A great series that would be a wonderful gift to new parents.
Pat Pledger

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