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May 19 2010

Betrayals by Lili St Crow

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A Strange Angels novel. Razorbill, 2009. ISBN 978921518331.
(Age 14+) Betrayals is the second in the Strange Angels series and continues on from where Book 1, Strange angels, left off. Christophe leaves Dru and Graves abruptly to find their way with the djamphjir and wulfen teens in a strange school. She is the only girl there and isn't allowed to go to any advanced classes or try to find out about her vampire killing skills. While Graves comes into his own with the wulfen boys, she is left alone, desperately trying to work out what is going on. It becomes increasingly clear that someone in the Schola is out to kill her and she knows she can trust no one except Graves. She must find the courage and knowledge to save herself from betrayal within the school and the threat of the dangerous Sergei.
Lili St Crow has produced another fast paced story with action galore as Dru struggles to understand what is going on and to control her burgeoning talent as svetocha. Betrayals sees Graves come into his own. He discovers that he can be a leader of the pack and enjoys running with the wolf pack and making friends. But when Dru is threatened he uses all his powers to protect her. Dru is just as protective of Graves and refuses to allow anything to happen to him. I enjoyed the growing romance between the two, although the mysterious Christophe is still lurking in the background and adds some tension as another romantic interest. Dru is a strong character and her witty asides allowed me to take a break from all the mystery and suspense.
This is an entertaining and compelling novel that has enough action, danger and romance to please fans of the vampire and supernatural genre. A third in the series is due out in 2010.
Pat Pledger

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