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Aug 18 2020

That's not my narwhal by Fiona Watt

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Usborne, 2020. ISBN: 9781474972109. 10pp., board book.
A little board book in this popular series that encourages children to explore both language through its repetitive text and their sense of touch through its textured patches actually has the potential to appeal to a much wider audience as students get ready to enjoy the 2020 Book Week theme of 'Curious Creatures, Wild Minds'.
This almost mythical creature, which actually lives in the cold waters of Greenland, Canada, and Russia, is rapidly becoming the 'creature-du-jour' with young readers looking for something more exotic than the unicorn which has become a bit ho-hum. So even though this book in this popular series explores why none of the five narwhals depicted is the reader's narwhal, the question that begs to be answered is, 'What IS a narwhal?', a question that could spark an interesting investigation and perhaps lead to a presentation entitled This is My Narwhal satisfying the Critical and Creative Thinking outcomes of the Inquiry strand, as they pose questions to identify, explore and organise information and ideas.
I love discovering books written for littlies that have application across the ages and this is surely one of them, and a most timely release.
Barbara Braxton

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