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May 28 2020

Nali and friends: Bwindi the windy gorilla by Dan Sultan and Rhys Graham

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Illus. by Tali Gal-on. Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781743836378.
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Melbourne performer Dan Sultan has joined Rhys Graham and artist Tali Gal-on to produce a great sing-along book about farts. But watch out it is catching!
Part way through her world-wide adventure, Nali meets Bwindi, a very windy gorilla. Nali and her family have settled for the night in a tree; mum and dad, great grandmother, Nali and her sister all tuck their heads under their wings to sleep but Nali is astonished to hear the loudest of noises. Flying down to the ground to investigate, she finds a baby gorilla, chewing on some leaves.
Nali is concerned and asks him about the noise she has heard. Bwindi reassures her that the noise was him, and when she again asks if his parents are concerned, finds that his parents often keep each other awake with their noises, as they have much larger bottoms than he.
They laugh and talk together until Bwindi comes to miss her family in the tree so flies up to be with them.
Dan Sultan's ARIA award winning album, Nali and friends, has an offshoot with this story of Bwindi, so well suited for classes and children to discuss their bottoms and why they make the noise they make.
Perfect for discussions about health and hygiene, but also about family and friendship. Bwindi the windy gorilla will make friends with all those children who read the book.
And join along with Dan as he sings the song on YouTube. Themes: Animals, Farting.
Fran Knight

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