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May 08 2020

Inclusive Education for the 21st Century: Theory, policy and practice edited by Linda J. Graham

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Allen and Unwin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760527099.
Teacher Reference. Inclusive Education for the 21st century is a collection of articles by leaders in the field of Special Education. These works were brought together into an authoritative text by the editor to provide a guide to schools, and other professionals working in the field, to bring about the changes necessary to make schools more inclusive for students with a disability. In the first few chapters the concept of Inclusive Education is discussed and then the obligations of educators under International and National Legislation is made clear. Next the book includes chapters to assist teachers with strategies to support diverse learners in the classroom. Using assessment data and adjusting curriculum and pedagogy to create a supportive, safe learning environment. Part 4 of the book then deals with developing inclusive school cultures in seven diverse chapters dealing with a variety of ways to change practice in schools. This section covers more practical approaches and will prove useful to schools needing guidance to implement better practice in this area. Putting students at the centre, nurturing close student-teacher relationships, developing productive partnerships with parents and carers and rethinking the use of teacher aides are topics covered in these chapters and which can really assist schools to develop inclusive school cultures and ethical practices.
A useful book as a starting point for schools struggling to make meaningful changes to the area of inclusivity and special education in their schools. Themes: Inclusive curriculum, Special Education, Differentiated curriculum, Children with disabilities, Teaching Methods, Mixed ability grouping, Mainstreaming.
Gabrielle Anderson

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