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May 07 2020

What do you call a baby . . ? by Kamsani Bin Salleh

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Magabala Books, 2020. ISBN: 9781925360806. Board book.
(Age: 0-5) Highly recommended. What a lovely way to learn about baby animals! Bin Salleh, author of At the beach I see, has beautifully illustrated this book which will introduce the nouns that are associated with baby animals. The young child will learn that a baby echidna is called a puggle and will giggle at the sight of the long tongue that the little puggle has and will want to guess why it needs that. Turning the page the child will discover that you call a baby dingo a pup. I particularly loved the double page spread of an emu running along with its chick racing beside it, all coloured in purples and greens against an orange background. The illustration of the mother dugong and its baby calf is gorgeous, with both having smiles on their faces, while you can almost hear the baby eaglet chirping at its mother. I learn that a baby goanna is called a hatchling, and loved the way it was climbing on its parent's back.
This is a celebration of the love between parent and child, the book's bright colours and memorable patterned illustrations making it one to keep. Its sturdy board format will also guarantee a long life.
What do you call a baby . . ? is sure to be asked for again and again by young children and is likely to become a family favourite.
Pat Pledger

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