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May 06 2020

Big hug, little mouse by Lisa Kerr

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Walker Books Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9781760651107. 32pp.
(Age: 2-5) Lisa Kerr is a Melbourne-based author and illustrator, best known for the Cheeky Monkey series of books. Featuring the same warm and richly-detailed illustrations, Big Hug, Little Mouse features a new character named Millie the mouse who loves her life and loves giving her friends big hugs. One day, however, Millie doesn't wake up her normal cheerful self. Her tummy feels funny, she feels sad and she thinks she has lost her hug. Will she be able to find it again? Pretty soon all of her friends are giving her hugs: big bear hugs, hello hugs, sleepy hugs, well done hugs and one-arm hugs. And perhaps that was all Millie needed to find her cheerful self again! 'Thank you hugs for everyone', she says.
This is a lovely story about how even the happiest of people feel down sometimes and about how those around can help with extra love and attention. It is also a nice reminder to children of the importance of verbalising feelings so that others can help and a reinforcement that sad moods don't last forever.  Themes: Hugs, Sadness.
Nicole Nelson

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