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May 01 2020

The mummy animal book by Jennifer Cossins

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Hachette Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9780734419897. 32pp.
(Age: 2-6) Recommended. This new title by artist and animal fact lover Jennifer Cossins (The Baby Animal Book and The A-Z of Endangered Animals) is the perfect follow on from her previous publication The Baby Animal Book. This one will suit a slightly older audience as it contains more information about both mother and baby. A partner title, The Daddy Animal Book, is also due for release shortly. Cossins's distinctive and colourful illustrations are both realistic and pleasing to the eye. Thirteen animals, both Australian and otherwise, are highlighted. The information takes the same form on each page, with colour and bolding of text used to highlight the key words. 'A mummy swan is called a pen. A baby swan is called a cygnet.' There is a one sentence fact included for each animal, all relating to something significant about mother or baby or their relationship, e.g., 'If a cygnet gets tired of swimming, its mum will carry it around on her back'.
This small format publication is perfect for little lovers of The Baby Animal Book and of animals in general. Themes: Animals, Mothers and Babies.
Nicole Nelson

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