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Apr 29 2020

The Cobra Queen by Tara Moss

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Pandora English, book 4. Echo, 2020. ISBN: 9781760686260. 298pp., paperback.
A fun and quirky urban fantasy, young adult romance with a little bit of tame horror.
After a seven year wait Pandora English returns to our book shelves in The Cobra Queen. The fourth book in the Pandora English series by bestselling author Tara Moss.
I'm a big fan of Tara Moss', Makedde Vanderwall crime series so when I got the chance to read The Cobra Queen I jumped to it not knowing it is a supernatural series. I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the first three books in the series. The Cobra Queen did remind me of the Twilight series. There was love, family, ghosts, vampires and crossing species boundaries.
I loved reading about the history, myths and legends of Ancient Egypt especially about the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. It brought back lots of memories of when I studied Ancient Egypt. Pandora is still grieving the loss of her parents and discovers more about what happen to them in Egypt.
Pandora was an interesting character who was discovering her powers living in a normal world. She finds out that she is the Seventh and discovers what that means with evil around the corner trying to invade New York. It all starts with an Ancient Egypt exhibition Pandora is involved in at The Met.
While this is happening there is a Blue Moon approaching and Pandora also manages to find love and build her relationships with her spirit guide from the Civil War, Lieutenant Luke and Deus the Sanguine and a few other characters.
If you like reading supernatural romances where powerful forces threaten to up end the balance of life and death, then you need to try The Cobra Queen.
Maria Komninos

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