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Apr 15 2020

Peppa loves our planet

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Peppa Pig. Penguin Random House Children's UK, 2020. ISBN: 9780241436721. 32pp.
(Age: 3-4) Peppa loves our planet is another story in the Peppa Pig series, which most small children will recognise from the ABC TV series. This one starts with the children attending playgroup and finding out that it is Love our Planet week. This sparks lots of conversation amongst the children, and they discover many ways in which they can help save the planet. They are given the task to make a scrapbook at home, which becomes a event where everyone in Peppa's family contributes to the ways in which they can help.
This book is a wonderful starting point for children around the ages of 3-4years who are discovering how they can help our planet in simple ways, and also without too much change to their routine.
The ideas are easy to implement and also simple to understand enabling children can grasp the concept and add in to their daily life without too much issue.
The concepts include recycling, growing food, turning off lights and composting food scraps. These are all things that are easy for children to do and also for families to assist with.
I think that this book could be used as an introduction to the concepts for parents, or equally as a group time story for kindergarten children. It is easy to read, simple concepts and uses familiar characters which many children will be able to engage with.
Lauren Fountain

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