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Apr 09 2020

Wildlife rescue by Meredith Costain

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Illus. by Danielle McDonald. Ella Diaries book 18. Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781743832301.
(Age: 6-9 years). Wildlife Rescue is the eighteenth book in the very popular Ella Diaries series. The books are all centred on Ella's diary writing where she shares her day-to-day activities and personal thoughts. She writes with humour, and not so correct spelling at times, but her diaries are entertaining and keep the reader engaged. In this particular book Ella and her best friends, Ammy and Zoe, discover an abandoned baby possum in the local park. Ella immediately wants to help the possum and with support from her Dad finds the Wildlife Rescue Centre which sends out a wildlife carer, Michele, to collect the baby possum. Overnight Ella imagines all the terrible things that could befall the possum and persuades her father to take her to the Rescue Centre. There she meets Michele's granddaughter Harper who shows Ella around the Centre. Both girls have a great deal in common and become firm friends. Meanwhile Ammy has an important soccer game to prepare for and Zoe is busy with dance and Ella feels her friends are not being as supportive as usual. There is a misunderstanding surrounding the Open Day at the Wildlife Rescue Centre but eventually the girls resolve their friendship issues.
The bright green colour is predominant throughout this book and the simple comic style drawings by Danielle McDonald keep the reader focused on the story and help support young readers who can easily comprehend the text. Themes: Diaries, Friendship, Wildlife Rescue, Australian Animals.
Kathryn Beilby

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