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Mar 23 2020

Mr Nobody by Catherine Steadman

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Simon and Schuster, 2020. ISBN: 9781471192265. 384pp.
(Adult) Recommended for mystery lovers. Anybody interested in memory loss and the functioning of the brain will be sure to learn a lot when reading Mr Nobody. A man is found on a beach with no idea of who he is and what his name is. Neuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis is called in to consult in this small English town, but she has secrets of her own. Why has she hidden her past identify for fourteen years and why does she feel haunted by the past she left behind? And how does the mystery man dubbed Mr Nobody know things about her past?
Steadman melds the two mysteries together while giving an in-depth look at different types of memory loss and both the character of Emma and that of Mr Nobody are ones that the reader can relate to. The novel keeps up the suspense right until the final chapters with a highly unexpected conclusion which may prove to be a bit challenging for some readers. Nevertheless it was a good read and the setting and plot quite different from the usual police procedural mystery.
Pat Pledger

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