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Mar 19 2020

Bluey: Easter fun! A craft book by Bluey

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Penguin Random House, 2020. ISBN: 9781760896898. 24pp.
(Age: 3+) Recommended. There are lots of activities in this craft book that will keep young children (and their older siblings) engaged over the Easter holidays. Fans of the Bluey TV series will love this book and will want to try many of the activities in it. It has a useful section on how to use the book and a list of things that the user will need as a holiday craft kit, in the introduction. A hint on checking the back of the pages before cutting out is also useful as is the warning to slow down and relax.
The activities are well thought out and there is a wide variety to suit the interests of different children. The Easter treasure hunt sends kids out outside to explore and then bring the items inside, and could be used at any time. Cut-outs include a Bob Bilby mask and a sturdy Easter basket with Bluey peering over the top. There are some pages to be coloured in, a join-the-dots page and a Hide-and-Seek page where the reader has to find ten Easter eggs. There is even a recipe for Shadowlands cupcakes, which is written in clear instructions for both the ingredients and directions. Some children may want to create their own Easter garden and many will love Bandit's Easter jokes and the opportunity to draw their own pictures.
This book will be a boon for parents during the Easter holidays and would also provide ideas for teachers of young children.
Pat Pledger

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