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Feb 13 2020

Wheels by Sally Sutton

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Illus. by Brian Lovelock. Walker Books, 2020. ISBN: 9781760651589. 32pp.
(Age: 2-5) Highly recommended. Lots of fun to be had for any child who is interested in things that move, this book will have young children guessing just what wheels belong to the picture illustrated as they read along to the rhyming verse.
Rumbly wheels, grumbly wheels,
Hauling-up-the-hill wheels.
Wheels go fast, wheels go slow.
Shout what's coming, if you know!

Readers and listeners will love to chime in with the little boy and child in the story as they guess the type of vehicle that the wheels belong to. The refrain "Wheels go fast, wheels go slow. Shout what's coming, if you know!" is repeated with each new vehicle and this adds to the enjoyment of the narrative while making it a most enjoyable read aloud for parents and teachers in the classroom. Sutton's narrative and Lovelock's bright engaging illustrations give lots of hints about the nature of the mode of transport and its uses. For example, in the drawings of the rubbish truck, bins are lined up on the streets in the very early morning, and garbage men in bright safety coats are collecting them to take to the bright yellow rubbish truck.
Children will also learn the proper name of the vehicles that are described: a rig, motorbike, taxi, firetruck, rubbish truck, school bus and scooter. On the second last double page spread the family is seen riding bikes with the little girl scooting along and all the vehicles parading on the elevated road above. And finally "Parts of a wheel" is a labelled illustration that shows all the different parts that combine to make a wheel.
The combination of Sutton and Lovelock have also produced Dig, dump, roll, and Ambulance, ambulance! and this is sure to be another book to please both boys and girls. Themes: Transport, Vehicles, Wheels, Bicycles.
Pat Pledger

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