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Feb 06 2020

The bat book by Charlotte Milner

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DK/Penguin Random House, 2020. ISBN: 9780241410691.
Recommended for readers aged 8+. Themes: Bats, Ecology. Bats are often misunderstood, so this book written and illustrated by Charlotte Milner helps to demystify these mammals and describe the features of bats and their important role in the environment. Giving a broad overview of different types of bats around the world - big and small, plus explaining their food preferences, and physical features, this book is a simplified introduction to the creatures that few get to see because of their nocturnal habits.
Set out in a clear way, answering the common questions related to bats in short paragraphs utilising simple language and through simple illustrations, this is a book that young readers can access and enjoy. You won't find photographs of bats, distribution maps or a comprehensive list of all known bats or a focus on Australian species, but that would be far beyond the scope of this simple introduction for younger readers. The 'picture book' cover would attract both male and female readers (the wisdom of using pink and blue colours a not-so-subtle visual hint to this). (Note Charlotte Milner has other books presented in a similar way: The bee book, The sea book).
Carolyn Hull

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