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Jan 31 2020

The Besties to the Rescue by Felice Arena

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Illus. by Tom Jellett. Puffin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760890971. 80pp.
(Age: 5+) Very highly recommended. Felice Arena and Tom Jellett of the Sporty Kids series have released a new series that will appeal to newly independent readers and parents alike. The series focuses on best friends Oliver and Ruby who have been friends forever. Ruby loves to learn new tricks on the trampoline and Oliver is more interested in working on his drawings in his treehouse.
In the first book of the series, Oliver is recording Ruby performing a new trick on her trampoline when they capture the neighbour's cat knock a baby bird our of its nest. Oliver and Ruby decide to look after the bird until they can get it back to its mum.
The story follows the efforts of Ruby and Oliver to protect the baby bird and get it back to its mother.
This is a very funny story that will engage children in the younger years and would work as a read-aloud, read-along or as a first novel for young children.
The addition of activities and jokes in the back of the book makes this a series to remember. I believe that this series will become very popular within the school library setting as it is an easy read that is interesting and follows two children who encourage each other's interests and embrace their differences and friendship to work together to solve problems. Themes: Family, friendship, nature.
Mhairi Alcorn

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