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Jan 14 2020

Whose nose do you suppose? by Richard Turner

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Illus. by Margaret Tolland. Starfish Bay, 2019. ISBN: 9781760360627. hbk., 26pp.
Highly recommended. 'Richly detailed and realistic illustrations of various animals in their natural habitat invite children to guess which animal each nose belongs to and then to learn a variety of facts about each animal'. Publisher.
The illustrations in the book are beautiful and they make this story so engaging for young children and the reader alike. The information that accompanies the discovery of whose nose it is makes this book more enjoyable. It tells you where each animal can be found and some fun facts about that particular animal.
This book is a fun guessing game with children as they try and work out whose nose it is.
It can also be used as an educational resource both with the predicting of the animals and the learning of the facts about the different animals.
I highly recommend this book to both families and educators.
Karen Colliver

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