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Jan 14 2020

Go! by Steve Worland

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Penguin, 2019 ISBN: 9781760893361. 256pp.
(Age: 11+) Recommended. 15-year-old Jack has just arrived in Busselton with his Mum and almost before he has had time to find his feet, he finds himself at a party at the local Go-Kart track. This unexpected opportunity unleashes a fast-paced adventure utilising his natural tendency to race fast through life (sometimes drawing attention from the police). Along the journey he finds friends to support his new go-karting obsession and also learns to deal with grief and the 'red-mist' of competition.
Jack's friends include Mandy, whose desire is to become appreciated in the Motor Sports industry (and with her father) for more than her skill at making coffee, and also Colin, the quirky and anxious side-kick who adds touches of humour. Breaking through stereotype barriers is a minor theme, but adds a little sophistication to the story.
Written as a novelised version of the movie of the same name by Steve Worland (of Paper planes fame), this is an easy-to-read story that will be enjoyed by both male and female readers who love competition. The coming-of-age aspects of life in the teen years in finding your place in the world, in overcoming fear, failure and difficulties in life are also woven into the story. Because the movie is current, there will be interest by readers in this story, which has limited literacy complexity, but action aplenty.
Recommended for readers aged 11+. Themes: Go-Karting, Competition, Friendship, Grief, Stereotypes.
Carolyn Hull

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