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Jan 03 2020

Little possum by Roger Priddy

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Macmillan, 2019. ISBN: 9781783419401. Board book, 10pp.
(Age: 0-3) Highly recommended. This little board book, with its gorgeous pictures of Australian animals is a keeper that will give hours of delight for young children. The different things to touch and feel are sure to intrigue both the adult reading the gentle rhymes and looking at the beautiful photos of Australian animals as well as the children who won't be able to resist the touch and feel textures.
The book is beautifully produced and it is impossible not to want to touch the fur of the ringtail possum and sugar-glider, stoke the grey softness of the wallaby, marvel at the strangeness of the frill-necked lizard and platypus and feel the feathers of the fairy penguin.
With this brightly coloured and sturdy board book, very young children will have the opportunity of learning the names of Australian animals as well as the tactile sensations of feeling fur and feathers.
This would be a very welcome gift for a new baby or toddler.
Pat Pledger

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