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Dec 19 2019

My Mummy's magic by Shaun Bartlett

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Illus. by Denise Muzzio. Little Steps Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925839357.
(Age: 3-6) Rhyming book, Mothers, Pregnancy. 'My mummy's magic . . . Her wishes do come true. She waved her magic wand, confirming what she knew'. This first page (featuring a woman holding a pregnancy test with positive symbols fanning out as if she is casting a magic spell) will probably make parents giggle. Indeed, the rest of the book may seem a little indulgent also, with its focus on a mother wishing and hoping a baby into existence.
There is a lovely story here though, which shows the journey of a new baby and the close bond between mother and baby. The growing baby is compared to an animal, a clever way of helping children develop meaningful understandings. 'For in her magic belly, taking shape at speed, was me so teeny tiny - it's hard now to believe. I was no bigger than an ant!' This refrain is repeated throughout the book and we see the mother's belly swell until the unborn baby is about the size of a lemur. In between these updates we see the usual goings-on of pregnancy and how the mother cares for her baby; sleeping, feeling unwell, eating and food cravings, scans and spreading the good news.
The illustrations are fresh, vibrant and organic. 'My mummy's magic. She wished with all her might to bestow her greatest gift of all - my very first breath of life'.
This is a lovely book for a toddler or pre-schooler with a growing interest in the concept of pregnancy, and particularly for those with a sibling on the way.
Nicole Nelson

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