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Dec 19 2019

Gregory Goose is on the loose: In the jungle by Hilary Robinson

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Illus. by Mandy Stanley. New Frontier Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925594874.
(Age: 0-3) Board book, Rhyming book, Search and Find book. The bright, eye-catching colour of this new board book series (the other title is On the moon) will draw and hold the attention of even the littlest children. In each of the books, children can search and find Gregory the Goose as he camouflages into the background of each page. In this case, he is travelling through the jungle, complete with safari jacket and binoculars. 'Gregory Goose is on the loose. Let's try to find him!'
Simple, predictive and rhyming text make this perfect for the target age group and in each page Gregory is well-hidden but not difficult to spot. I particularly like the sense of perspective used, as in some pages he is close to the front so larger, while in others he is put further into the distance and is quite small. The text ('Is he with the chimpanzees, or wading in his boots?') also gives clues about where we might find him or what he might be doing. The final page sees all the jungle animals come together for a party; 'Look! Who's eating jungle cake?' It's Gregory, of course!
This is a bright, engaging board book for little ones to explore alone or for a fun shared activity.
Nicole Nelson

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