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Apr 12 2010

The Number One Aussie Alphabet Book by Heath McKenzie

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Black dog books, 2010. ISBN 9781742031477.
(Ages 3-5) Recommended. This alphabet book is both an early introduction to the letters of the alphabet and a fun way of learning about Australian animals. Ant (Aa is for ant) invites the reader to come along and meet more letters and animals. On turning the page the reader finds a letter, a verse and a zany illustration for the Australian animal.
A large capital letter and a lower case letter in vibrant colour will make it easy for little fingers to trace over and make the sounds. The accompanying picture is a comic representation of an Australian animal or bird. Not only are there the favourite Aussie animals like kangaroo and koala but less well known birds and animals feature like the long legged ibis, a 'black, and white and blue' jabiru and a shy numbat. The humorous illustrations should help the young reader to remember the letters while the rhyming text is both fun and good to read aloud.
At the back of the book the author, (H is for Heath McKenzie), has a page talking about the alphabet and the animals that are his favourites to draw.
Young children will have fun with this book, looking at the letters and laughing at the whimsical drawings of the animals while older children will love the verse. Recommended for libraries and as a gift for young children.
Pat Pledger

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