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Dec 11 2019

Rescue by David Long

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Illus. by Kerry Hyndman. Faber and Faber, 2019. ISBN: 9780571346325. hbk. 192p.
(Age: 9+) A book for fans of heroic deeds, Rescue will fascinate readers who enjoy reading about the bravery of real people. Subtitled Daring missions from on, under and above the earth, there are 28 stories of incredible feats by people all around the world, ranging from the rescue of a young child trapped in a well, to diving into a lake to pull people out of submerged bus, Sully's magnificent landing of an aeroplane in the Hudson River and a 9 year old boy rescuing his classmates after an earthquake.
Each story is relatively short (5 or 6 pages long) and illustrated with complementary coloured drawings, so it is ideal for the reader who likes to have short bursts of reading with the opportunity to come back again if individual stories appeal. And there is plenty of information that is sure to grab the reader's attention.
I particularly enjoyed the story of 'Buster' Cain who rescued people during the London Blitz and 'The Seebies: saving a family teetering on the edge', had me holding my breath as a mother and her two children were rescued from a car, hanging from a bridge.
There is a contents page with titles that give a good indication of what the story might be about, and each story has captions that grab the reader's attention and make you want to read on.
The epilogue states that 'you don't need superpowers or a mask and cape to be a real-life hero,' and this book is sure to inspire young readers with its stories of gallantry and heroism.
Pat Pledger

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