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Dec 06 2019

Don't butt in by Heath McKenzie

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Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781760665593.
(Age: 3+) Recommended, Bums, Anatomy, Animals, Humour. After the success of Butt out! (2018) it is not surprising that a sequel follows, imploring kids to think about interrupting, or butting in, and using all the fun words to do with butt along the way. Baboon dons his new pants and interrupts the other animals on every page, showing off his new clothing. Giraffe is simply trying to buy something from the bakery when Baboon drops his behind on the counter to suggest that Giraffe buys buns. Two turtles are mortified when at the bus stop, Baboon tells them that the butt not the bus has arrived, while a birthday party becomes a buttday party and a newspaper headline showing that a road crack has been repaired, has Baboon showing off his new stripy pants with his crack well covered. All good fun with Baboon using all the words younger children use for behind, in a series of word plays, puns and jokes.
Readers will love spying Baboon in his cheeky new strides, looking for the word to do with the theme as they read. But as his antics grow more and more invasive, people become less tolerant of his behaviour and he is told in no uncertain words to not butt in.
A wonderful lesson about interruption for the classroom as well as a very funny read, Don't butt in is deceptive in its simplicity, its puns and word plays offering a stream of playfulness with a group of kids.
Fran Knight

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