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Dec 03 2019

The killing chronicle by Alan Leek

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Big Sky, 2019. ISBN: 9781922265487.
(Age: Senior secondary - Adult) Subtitled Police service and shattered lives. 'Alan Leek, an awarded police veteran, recounts incredible true stories from this period through the lens of a man who has personally experienced and witnessed the life-changing impacts of service. . . . This compilation of stories includes the callous Anzac Day anniversary shooting of a constable, the murder of a decorated country constable that ended with the posthumous award of the George Cross, the cowardly stabbing death of a constable who had survived Africa, Greece, Ceylon and New Guinea, accounts of front line country police mercilessly cut down and other stories of goal break-outs, gun flights and carnage. Some of the crimes dealt with here are horrific and tragic.' (Publisher)
I found this easy to follow and the illustrations throughout make it a faster, clear novel to understand. It was not my cup of tea but it can be recommended for older readers who are interested in true crime and Australian history.
Vincent Hermann

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