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Nov 26 2019

Our little monster by Ben Cunningham

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Illus. by Chris Champan. Little Steps Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925545852.
This is a funny picture story about the consequences of not paying attention to your surroundings. Everyone has had a busy week and no one notices when the parents in this book take home the wrong child at the end of the week.
When Eric's parents took home little monster and Eric went home with Mr. and Mrs. Monster both sets of parents noticed something was not right but neither realised they had the wrong child. Eric and little monster worked out things were not right and were able to fix the problem and go back to their own home and family. Everything works out in the end.
This is a fun story about parents not getting everything right all of the time. Parents are not perfect.
The bold illustrations in this book add to the story. I recommend this book.
Karen Colliver

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