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Nov 22 2019

Second child by Susan Moore and Doreen Rosenthal

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Big Sky Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781922265395.
Recommended. Good, suitable book for expecting mothers or those doing childcare. Sub-titled Essential information and wisdom to help you decide, plan and enjoy a second child, 'this book provides a wonderful mixture of expert advice and the voices of parents and children to help plan for, survive, thrive, and enjoy a second child. The book includes insights on coping with increased workloads, sibling rivalry,financial issues, changing relationships with children and partners and health and well-being. It provides support to navigate the different issues and changes through the developmental journey, and the challenges of having children with different temperaments, abilities, ages and genders.' (Publisher)
Verdict: Second Child goes into all to expect and what to deal with having a second child so for those who may not be entirely sure what to expect or how to deal with both children, this is a good reference book.
Vincent Hermann

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