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Nov 19 2019

Harry Potter: Spells and charms: A movie scrapbook by Warner Brothers

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Bloomsbury Publishing Australia, 2019. ISBN: 9781526613189.
(Age: 8+). Themes: Movies, Fantasy, Spells, Charms. Fans of Harry Potter novels and movies will value this latest non-fiction book in the ever popular phenomenon that is Harry Potter. It is written and presented as a scrapbook and is full of photographs from the movies - and from behind the scenes. There are also inserts and illustrations capturing many of the key moments in the Harry Potter series. It gives detailed information about different scenes and the spells and chants used throughout the stories, such as the Duelling Club Spells, Spells taught to Dumbledore's army and Unforgivable Curses to name a few. On each page of the different spells there is information regarding the intention of the spell, who used the spells and in which book they were used. Readers are also able to closely examine photographs of significant scenes and read further information they may have missed when watching the movies or reading the novels. The book provides stickers, posters and cards to keep the Harry Potter fan entranced.
Every day a new generation of readers are discovering the world of wizardry through Harry Potter. Harry Potter: Spells and charms: A movie scrapbook would be a wonderful introduction for those just beginning their Harry Potter journey and a welcome addition to any home library.
Kathryn Beilby

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