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Nov 15 2019

Every day resilience by Michelle Mitchell

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Big Sky, 2019. ISBN: 9781922265029.
(Age: Adult -16) Highly recommended. Subtitled Helping Kids Handle Friendship Drama, Academic Pressure and the Self-Doubt of Growing Up. 'In this book Michelle shows every family how they can cultivate resilience in their children or adolescents by focussing on 7 key traits - courage, gratitude, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, self-care and contribution. She answers questions like: How can I help my child be more confident? What do I say when my child is rejected by friends? How do I help a child who is struggling academically? What do I say when my child says, "I can't"? How do I help an anxious or shy child find their voice? What can I do to help them discover their potential?'
Every day resilience is a book for all parents, teachers, counsellors and older teenage readers (perhaps 16 plus). It tackles the harder issues and shows how to overcome them. It is a self help book that is recommended for those struggling times.
The author's website also has helpful hints about parenting, eg an article and video entitled, Bringing the Calm: How to Interrupt the Anxiety Loop, and the book is accompanied by The Everyday Resilience Journal and Video Series for Tweens.
Vincent Hermann

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