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Nov 12 2019

Have you seen Mr Robinson? by Arwen Huang

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Starfish Bay Children's Books, 2019. ISBN: 9781760360818.
(Age: 4+) Themes: Loss, Shyness, Isolation, Friendship. Anna makes friends easily with the characters in her beloved books. The pages are illustrated with the many characters that she likes: a unicorn, Red Riding Hood and William Shakespeare to name a few. Her love of books sees her going to the library with her grandfather to get even more books and he suggests she might to go outside to play. She watches the other children at play but cannot join them. Looking into the pond a small boy appears asking if she has seen his cat, Mr Robinson. He describes the animal to her and together they go off looking for the cat. They hunt high and low in the streets, even asking a police officer who suggests that they need to get a higher view over the town. They climb the tower and using binoculars, spy the cat high in a tree.
The boy climbs the tree to retrieve his cat and together they wander off to look for the next adventure together.
A sweet tale of two children finding friends, this book will be loved by many children who pick it up. The clear illustrations will delight the readers as they spot the characters Anna so loves, at the same time noting the activities undertaken by the children in the park.
A charming tale, well told.
Born in Taiwan, author illustrator Arwen Huang studied at Taipei National University of Arts before studying for a masters in the UK.
Fran Knight

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