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Nov 08 2019

On a wing and a prayer: The race that stopped the world by Di Websdale-Morrissey

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Text, 2019. ISBN: 9781925773989. pbk., 320 pages.
(Age: 12+) A must read for anyone interested in aviation history. Di Websdale-Morrissey's extensive research on the great London to Melbourne race has truly made On a Wing and A Prayer a true factual page turning adventure that I had to keep reading. I had to know what was going to happen next.
On A Wing and A Prayer is the story of the 1934 air race from London to Melbourne which was conceived by Melbourne's Lord Mayor to celebrate the centenary of the city and also to put Melbourne on the map of the world, which it did very well. The race had all types of media focused on the race.
We read the highs and lows of flying, and all about the men and women who completed in the race, while also hearing about those who helped along the way on the ground as well. The townsfolk in Albury must get a big mention, what they did towards the end of the race was truly amazing.
Not only did the race encounter storms, lightning, mountains, submarines, lions, dodgy fuel, monkeys there was jail time for some competitors. We also learnt about the origins of the black box flight recorder and the unfairness of women pilots and downfall of Ansett Airlines.
On A Wing and A Prayer is a great aviation history book that any plane buff would love to read.
Maria Komninos

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