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Nov 06 2019

World War II: The story behind the War that divided the world by Nick Hunter

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Bloomsbury, 2019. ISBN: 9781526605580.
(Age: 8+) World War II: The story behind the War that divided the world is a non-fiction text by Nick Hunter, with supporting documents provided by the National Archives, who are the UK Governments offical archive and report to contain over a 1,000 years of history.
This book covers World War II right from the first storming of the beaches all the way through to victory! It also includes information specifically about what happened to children during this time, an informative glossary and a very good timeline.
Each page of this book has interesting, well written information that would be understood by children from around 8-9 years of age. All of the photos are described, and add a high level of interest for the reader. I really felt that all of the photos enhanced the information, and gave the text a personal feel.
Topics covered in this text include Hitler and the Nazis, Pearl Harbour, women and children at War, Operation Overlord and even a look at how the world has created memorials for this war.
There are images of pages from a war diary, maps, posters, plus items such as suitcases and uniforms. These all come from the National Archives in the UK and are extremely interesting.
This book would a very good resource for a student completing a project about WWII, as the author, Nick Hunter, has written the book full of real-life stories and backed them up with photos and artefacts.
The only problem with this book is that is is from an English viewpoint. I do not think that this is a terrible thing, students will just need to seek clarification and information from Australian sources.
Overall I think this book would be an asset to any library as it provides readers with appropriate information to answer many questions about WWII.
Lauren Fountain

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