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Nov 05 2019

Nine worlds in nine nights: A journey through imaginary lands by Hiawyn Oram

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Illust. by David Wyatt. Walker Studio 2019. ISBN: 9781406377705.
(Age: Upper primary+) Themes: Fantasy, Magic, Imagination. This luxuriously produced large format book with its dark padded cover, metallic motifs and runic fore-edge is a little confusing at first. The premise is that it contains the writings and drawings of a theoretical physicist Professor Dawn Gable who experienced a life changing nine nights journeying with a dragon, Hyllivar, in a fantastic machine to nine magical worlds. Inspired by nine pages of a book, given to her by her brother, called Lost in the Imagination the worlds include Valhalla, Mecanopolis, Wyvern Abbey and Atlantis, each with a double page from the book.
This is an absorbing and lavishly illustrated journey, alternating between the pages of the book and Professor Gable's sketches and scientific observations as she gradually embraces the magical worlds and achieves self-knowledge, understanding the power of human imagination. With complex diagrams, lovely watercolour sketches and interesting information this will appeal to upper primary students though some of the many typefaces are a little hard to read. An unusual book, I was reminded of Lady Cottington's pressed fairy book by Terry Jones.
Sue Speck

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