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Oct 31 2019

The lost stone of Sky City by H. M. Waugh

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Freemantle Press, 2019. ISBN: 9781925815948.
(Age: Primary - Lower Secondary) Sunaya's father insists she travels to the mountains with the family goats to ensure they are not at risk of being given away as a wedding present. Even though she is accompanied by her uncle and nephew, she is anxious about visiting the mountains, as there are many tales about the fabled Ice People inhabiting the lands when it is covered by snow and ice.
Indeed she had good reason to be wary, as very soon both she and Danam, along with her goats are captured by the Ice People.
It is prophesised that Danam is to be the next protector of the princess and to prove worthy he must pass the frightening Dragon Tests.
This adventure leads Sunaya into many discoveries about her own powers and the reasons for the long separation of the Dirt and the Ice People.
Sunaya is brave, loyal and resilient and uses her strengths to help others, even at risk to herself. She is able to befriend the prince and win his trust through her constant display of courage and compassion. The Ice People's SkyCity of greenstone and gold, although beautiful, is rife with problems and Sunaya is able to find solutions to their issues.
This is H. M. Waugh's first novel and she has used her extensive experience of high mountains and wild places to create a believable magical world that will appeal to many fantasy readers.
I found this book an exciting read as there were many twists and dramas in the story.
This book will appeal to primary and lower secondary students who enjoy fantasy. Teaching notes are available.
Jane Moore

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