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Oct 29 2019

Super Nova by Krys Saclier

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Illus. by Rebecca Timmis. Ford St Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925804300.
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Themes: Sibling rivalry, Brothers and sisters, Family relationships, Space, Aliens, Courage. Nova's brother seems to be blamed for all the things that Nova gets up to. Someone steals Dad's raspberry muffins, but it can't be Nova. Someone tangles Gran's wool, but it can't be Nova because she wouldn't do such a thing. Someone steals bits of the Harry's chemistry set, but he thinks Nova is too small, and it is her brother who is ordered from the room.
He decides to check up on Nova and see what she is up to. He follows the trail of crumbs outside and there finds her staving off a bunch of aliens with the muffins, a rocket ship in the background. She bravely stands her ground in front of the horde of green monsters, throwing the wool net over them. She ties them up, puts them in the rocket and sends them off into space back to where they came from.
When Mum comes out admonishing them for being outside so late in the evening, he takes the blame for them being out so late, promising to take Nova back to bed, which he does, looking at his brave little sister in a fresh light. She truly is a Super Nova.
This is a delightful tale of families and sibling relationships. The boy blames his little sister for him being in trouble so often, but when it comes to the crunch, takes the blame for her and admires her for what she is doing.
In the background is the older brother, so protective of his own space, with Dad, Mum and Nan living in the house as well.
The bright, engaging illustrations will appeal to the reader, noting the array of familiar things in the background, then marvelling at the images of the aliens in the garden and how Nova deals with them. This different tale of sibling rivalry, told with lightness and humour, would be a good read aloud and initiate discussion about space.
Fran Knight

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