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Oct 10 2019

Armageddon by Jack Heath

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Liars, book 5, Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781742993430.
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Themes: Espionage, Terrorism, Adventure, Truth and lies. Jarli and his friends are at the pointy end of the Liars drama series. The truth App that Jarli created is of limited help in the face of the threat of total destruction of his home town - a true Armageddon is possible. The villain, Viper, has yet to be revealed, Jarli's friend, Doug, is dead (or is he?) and memories have been lost. Where is truth in the midst of the chaos and can Jarli save his community and his friends and family from the devastation? This is another action-packed adventure that reads like a roller-coaster ride with bumps and spirals and gut-wrenching uncertainty; the conclusion to the story thread has incredible drama, villainous plot twists, and adrenaline surges and although entirely unbelievable is a great teen adventure.
This is not a book that should be read independently from the other books in the series, as there are details and characterisation that are well presented earlier in the series, and not enough is given in this easily read finale to recommend it as a stand-alone book. But everyone who has started the series will clamour for the opportunity to discover Armageddon. Jack Heath certainly knows how to enthrall young readers who love action-adventure in a technology rich world.
Recommended for readers aged 12+
Carolyn Hull

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