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Oct 03 2019

P.O.O.P. of doom by Adam Wallace and James Hart

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Cowboy and Birdbrain, book 2. Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781760661595.
(Age: 7+) Themes: Humour. Cowboy who is half boy - half cow and Birdbrain - a brain with bird features return in another wild and crazy story P.O.O.P. of doom. These best friends deliver Parcels Or Other Packages for IFFY Deliveries and are known for their F.A.R.T.S (Fast and Reliable Tracking Services). The Boss is giving them one last chance to deliver a package to the 'middle of the ocean' by 8.37pm. Their mission is to take the fragile package to Herman the Hermit in his impenetrable house surrounded by booby traps and five levels of obstacles. Avoiding the flying chainsaws, Snoozing Flowers of Death and electric fence takes skill and daring! Herman's booby traps are outrageous and funny, resulting in the friends coming up with some silly ways to outwit the hermit. Birdbrain's often side-tracked by thoughts of completing a world record in some rather unusual categories, juggling chickens, sucking the most lollipops and completing the most spins on ice while a menacing shark swims under him!
Author Adam Wallace combines slapstick humour, silly scatological acronyms, repetitive banter and cast of unique characters with their crazy antics to make a laugh-out-loud read. James Hart's cartoon graphics showcase the madcap situations that Cowboy and Birdbrain find themselves in. The P.O.O.P. of doom is an entertaining junior novel, just right for young readers and fans who love this kind of craziness.
Rhyllis Bignell

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