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Sep 30 2019

Hollow Earth by John Kinsella

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Transit Lounge, 2019. ISBN: 9781925760279.
(Age: 18+) Recommended. Themes: Dystopian fiction, Addiction, Climate change. John's science fiction novel tells the story of Manfred, who after a complex and difficult childhood, escapes to Hollow Earth via a cave that takes him through the Earth's crust. Reminiscent of Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Manfred finds life beneath the surface. He befriends Ari and Zest and guides them to the surface to experience another life.
This is a confronting story of addiction. Addictions come in many forms and this book highlights these as Ari and Zest interact with the violence and betrayal of humanity. John's work addresses the issues of climate change, drug use, sustainability, respectful relationships and inclusive communities. The reader is invited to draw their own conclusions.
While not an easy read, this book offers an opportunity to consider the lives of surface dwellers from the perspective of a new arrival. We are left to reflect on the ethical and natural consequences of our current cultural and political practices.
Linda Guthrie

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