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Sep 24 2019

Boo! by Margaret Wild

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Illus. by Andrew Joyner. Penguin Books Australia, 2019. ISBN: 9780670078073. 24 pg.
(Age: 1-4) Highly recommended. Themes: Games, Babies. What a joyous read aloud that carer and children are sure to enjoy. Six different little babies, each with a delightful grin, say boo to a toy animal while hiding away from them. Then the tables are turned on the words 'Ready, steady, count - one, two, three' and the animals are the ones who are saying Boo! to the six little babies.
This is a perfect picture book to buy for a young child or pre-schooler. While not a traditional board book, the pages are thick and sturdy and should allow for much use, as this is sure to become a family and pre-school favourite. The narrative, written in large black print, flows along smoothly, making it wonderful to read aloud, and children will have lots of fun joining in the chorus of Boo! with the children and animals.
The pictures are vivid and each little baby has a distinctive personality and appearance and the toys are wonderfully humorous as they scare the little children. I loved the face of the wombat, splashing in the rain, and kicking up a large puddle at the little baby, and the tiger reading in the tram is charming. And the end papers featuring all the babies and toys makes for a last chance to say Boo!
This is definitely a keeper and is sure to become a favourite classic for people to buy for young children.
Pat Pledger

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