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Sep 23 2019

Come find me by Megan Miranda

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Pisces Books, 2019. ISBN: 9780525578321.
(Age: 15+) Recommended for mystery lovers. Themes: Supernatural, Missing persons, Murder, Grief. A compelling mix of mystery and what appears to be the supernatural will keep readers engrossed as they follow two teens who have suffered tragedy in their lives. Kennedy, after a devastating family tragedy, keeps looking after a radio telescope belonging to her brother Elliot and Nolan is determined to find out what happened to his brother Liam who went missing from a family function two year previously. When they both receive the same strange signal, they make contact and begin to search for its origin, both hoping that it will lead them to a resolution of the catastrophes in their lives.
The reader is tantalised by the question of what has happened in Kennedy's life to see her living with a very young uncle. Where is the missing brother Elliot and her mother? Nolan's belief that his brother Liam would not have just left a family picnic and disappeared without trace also leaves questions about where he went and what happened to him.
The story is told in alternative chapters by Kennedy and Nolan, each believing in different reasons for the eerie signal. Kennedy thinks that it may have come from outer space, as her brother Elliot was obsessed with finding alien life, while Nolan believes it could be the ghost of his brother Liam trying to tell him where he is. The reader learns about the depth of their grief as Kennedy and her young uncle Joe try to learn to live together, and Nolan navigates a family home taken over by his parents' non-profit group that tries to find missing children.
Miranda keeps the reader involved in the two mysteries as clues to what happened are gradually revealed and the threads that link the mysteries are drawn together in the final riveting conclusion.
Pat Pledger

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