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Mar 24 2010

Jaguar Warrior by Sandy Fussell

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 978 1921529290.
Fussell has written a story about trust and friendship, set at the time of the Spanish overthrow of the Aztec civilization, but it could be at any time in any place, its themes are so universal.
Atl is a slave of the temple of the Serpent-Sun god, and a favourite of the high priest Ichtaca, but this means nothing when a sacrifice must be made and Atl is chosen as the most suitable candidate. The Spanish by happy happenstance choose to attack before the sacrifice can be made and Atl escapes with a message for the Purepechans and a token for their high priest. He meets up with Citlali and eventually Zolan who on the surface are two unlikely companions, but who each contribute to their survival in the jungle.
They are tracked by Huemac the captain of the temple guard, a hardened warrior and skilled survivor, who believes it's his duty to return Atl to the temple so the sacrifice can be made.
Mark Knight

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