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Sep 16 2019

Funny Kid Slapstick by Matt Stanton

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Funny Kid book 5. HarperCollins, 2019. ISBN: 9780733339486.
(Age: 8+) Recommended. Funny Kid Slapstick by Matt Stanton is Book 5 in what seems to be a very funny series. The main character Max has the ability to make anyone laugh, especially when times are grim. He really is the Funny Kid and I think, a very loveable character.
In this book, Max and his friends have been forced by their teacher Miss Sweet (who definitely isn't!) to join the ice-hockey team. They aren't the best team, they are younger than their rivals the Redhill Rhinos, and they have Mr Armstrong for a coach (who hates Max). It seems that things may not be very funny at all, but in actual fact Max still made us laugh!
My 9 year old son scored this book first and really enjoyed it. He isn't a huge fan of reading in general, and for him to read an entire book in a reasonable amount of time IT HAS TO BE GREAT! He started reading and every night continued until the end. He said his favourite part was the whole thing,'but I really really loved the pictures! They are so funny and good for the story'.
I must agree with him. I enjoyed Matt Stanton's style of writing, I liked how he asks questions of the reader to engage them and I also picked up on the level of literacy required for this book (and I am guessing the series). I think that purposefully he has written using words that are familiar and easy to decipher meaning that struggling or disengaged readers will feel a sense of confidence when sitting with this Book. My favourite part, as is my son's, is the pictures. They are simple black line drawn cartoon characters but my goodness they add SO much to the story! Their facial expressions are spot on, they are well placed within the story and do not obstruct the reader too much.
If the reader enjoys Diary of a Wimpy Kid then they will love this series. It would be best given to readers 8+, and especially those who are not confident or a little behind their peers.
A great book, and I would suggest series!
Lauren Fountain

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