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Sep 13 2019

First encyclopedia by DK Publishing

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DK, 2019. Australian edition. ISBN: 9780143795025.
(Age: 5-8) Highly recommended. Highly illustrated with easy to read text, this is an ideal reference book for younger children. DK consistently publish well researched and beautifully formatted books and this is no exception with its 168 pages of beautiful photographs and interesting information.
The book is divided into the following sections: Contents page which refers to World regions, People and society, History of people, Living world, Science and technology, Planet Earth, and Space and the universe. The last heading, Reference section, contains a quiz, Glossary, index and key to measurements among other subheadings.
Each sub section is divided into a double page spread that gives easy to understand information, and details like record breakers, and a question on the bottom of the left hand page and the answer on the right, but printed upside down. Some of the sections refer the reader onto to associated parts of the book; for example the reader is sent from Rainforests to 'turn and learn' to pages about Plant life, Trees and forests, and Climate and seasons. Some of the sections also give a historical background: for example, in Science and Technology, the section Flying machines, informs the reader about the first plane, as well as more modern aeroplanes.
Young readers will find a wealth of information between the covers of First encyclopedia, and will have fun browsing through the pictures and reading the interesting snippets of information. They may then go on to pursue further in-depth knowledge of things in which they are particularly interested.
Pat Pledger

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