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Sep 10 2019

George and the great brain swappery by Cal Wilson

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Illus. by Sarah Davis. Scholastic, 2019. ISBN: 9781742762760.
(Age: 8+) Recommended. The Pepperton family are back in the follow-up to George and the great bum stampede, another humorous story by comedian, Cal Wilson.
The Peppertons are a quirky, energetic family. Mum is Professor Pippa Pepperton, an Inventor Extraordinaire. She is always making wacky inventions, so life for the Peppertons is never dull or ordinary.
This is a tale of Mum's newest wacky invention, a 'Brain Swapping Machine', its name giving an indication of the potential for causing havoc. When the machine is stolen by one of George's classmates, and taken on an excursion to the zoo, it's complete mayhem, as the animals and visitors, start behaving rather strangely. This is a tale about chaos.
This is a fun book for young readers, with creative interaction of text and illustrations, interesting fonts and the use of space. This is especially helpful for new readers, who may feel daunted by a full page of text.
Once again, great illustrations by Sarah Davis, that really add extra humor to the story.
Donna Isgar

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