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Sep 06 2019

First how things work encyclopedia: A first reference book for children by DK Publishing

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DK Australia, 2019. ISBN: 9780143795032.
(Age: 5-10) Highly recommended. Themes: Technology, Encyclopedias. DK has produced another wonderful reference book, with its characteristic high quality photographs and information. Topics include many that are studied in STEM subjects, such as inventions, machines, levers, movement, gases and liquids, energy, light and sound, computers and radio and TV and the internet. Cutting edge technology is also described. Each topic is explained in simple language and the layout of small bites of information with bold headings and complementary photographs and illustrations make a very attractive presentation of how many things work. Children and adults will be fascinated by the description of just what technology is and how it impacts on everything around us as well as learning about how everyday machines like refrigerators and electric guitars work. Timelines also put inventions into an historical perspective.
As well as containing a well-designed Contents page, there is a section at the back with quizzes and a clear Glossary and Index.
This would be perfect for any library and would also be very useful for children to have at home as a first reference book. It would really appeal to children who are interested in science and technology and its ease of use makes it an ideal tool for homework projects, or just to dip into for interesting and informative ideas.
Pat Pledger

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