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Sep 05 2019

Victoria Bubbles and the great preschool adventure by Lizzie Dingle and Andrew McIntosh

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Little Steps, 2019, ISBN: 9781925839005.
(Age: 3-5) Themes: Preschool, Adventure. Lizzie Dingle writes from personal experience; as a working mum she was worried about her oldest boy's first day at preschool. His teacher welcomed the youngsters with beautiful bubbles, inspiring the author to write her charming rhyming book Victoria Bubbles and the great preschool adventure. Her aim is help parents 'develop, nurture and create positive associations with preschool.' Andrew McIntosh's action-packed digital illustrations are bright and bold, they capture Bailey's emotions and uncover the wonderful bubble adventures he takes with his class and teacher. Take time to talk about the bubble shapes, the glittery scenes and the fun each child experiences.
Bailey's mother is very reassuring, encouraging him as they walk through the colourful playground. Inside he's greeted by Victoria Bubbles his teacher and hundreds of bubbles filling the room. When she holds our the most beautiful glittery wand and asks her young learners to make a wish, we know magic is about to happen. Inside the huge bubble, the children and teacher are swept away past rugged mountains, deep into the ocean and into a gorgeous serene rainforest. Rolling and sliding they slide down a snow-covered mountain and from the safety of the bubble, they enjoy a snowball fight. On into outer space and finally a rest at the beach before the bell sounds. What does Bailey share about his magical journey with his mum at the end of the day?
Lizzie Dingle's delightful story is just right for sharing, opening conversations about being confident, acknowledging concerns and creating a peace of mind, with their young children preparing for their first days at preschool, kindergarten or childcare.
Rhyllis Bignell

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