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Sep 05 2019

Baa baa black sheep: the fleeced fleece by John Barwick and Dave Atze

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Nursery Crimes Case One. Big Sky Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 9781925675993.
Themes: Humour, Mystery. What a funny re-imaging, with a clever twist, of the popular nursery rhyme, Baa baa black sheep.
The central character in the story as an amateur detective is Little Miss Muffett, who is capable, smart, calm and practical. In Case One, she teams up with Baa Baa Black Sheep, to solve a crime, hinted at in the rhyme, but previously concealed.
Other familiar nursery rhyme characters also make appearances, as well as some popular fairy story characters. The book doggedly takes on the cover-up and complex web of crime and corruption to unlock the secret to this much loved, but confusingly incomplete rhyme.
The book's illustrations, in black and white, feature cartoonish characters and add to the humour of the book.
Donna Isgar

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