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Aug 15 2019

Max's dinosaur feet by Lana Spasevski

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Illus. by Penelope Pratley. New Frontier, 2019. ISBN : 9781925594638.
(Age: 3-6) Highly recommended. Themes: Humour, Babies, Family. What a lovely story, loaded with wonderful illustrations and showing the love and fun in a family where there is a new baby. Max has a pair of dinosaur slippers that he loves to use to stomp around the house. But Max also has a new baby sister, Molly, and Mum doesn't want her to be woken up. So she shows him how to walk on dinosaur eggshells and Molly stays asleep. Then Dad comes home with his surfboard, dripping wet and falls over Max's toys and Max has to show him how to walk on dinosaur eggshells. When Pop comes in, he too has to learn to walk quietly as does Max's sister Merida and soon everyone is walking through the house on dinosaur eggshells until . . .
Jen Storer has admirably captured the warmth of this close family and the illustrations from Penelope Pratley are an absolute delight. Children will immediately recognise the fun that dinosaur slippers can bring to a child, but will also know how important it is not to wake the baby. Those who do have a baby in the house will know the results! Max does a great job of teaching everyone to be quiet but sometimes out of control events take over.
Sparse but insightful text make for a great read aloud and the illustrations will have children laughing out loud. I can see this becoming a family favourite, especially where children have dinosaur slippers.
Pat Pledger

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