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Aug 05 2019

Graveyard shift in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor

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Ghost Town book 2. Allen and Unwin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760523930.
(Age: 13+) Highly recommended. Themes: Ghosts. Humour. Melbourne, Diversity. Wow! What a great sequel to Gap year in Ghost Town. Pryor brings back Anton Marin and Rani Cross, ghost fighters extraordinary, with their researcher friend Bec, in another exciting and funny adventure as an extreme ghost plague takes over the city.
Written in the first person by Anton, the reader is faced with humorous narration and lots of funny asides as Anton relates how he is feeling about the dangers of ghost fighting and his self-professed goal of becoming more mature. Rani and Bec's romance continues and while Anton sometimes feels left out, the three manage to stay good friends.
There is action galore as well as Anton and Rani take on the plague of ghost thugs that have taken over Melbourne (Australian readers will love the descriptions of the sights and alleyways of this city). There are so many ghosts to fight, not just the lingerers that Anton knows so well, but moaners, weepers and thugs. When Anton's Aunt Tanja makes an unexpected appearance, after many years of being lost, in the warehouse where people are being tortured, there are many questions raised about the nature of the ghost plague and what to do about it. Bec's research skills come to the fore and Anton and Rani must excel in fighting.
People who loved the first book will delight in the snappy prose and character development in Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town and will look forward to the next in this highly entertaining series.
Pat Pledger

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