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Aug 01 2019

Shoelaces are impossible by Ed Allen and Nathaniel Eckstrom

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Scholastic, 2018 ISBN: 9781760154950.
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Themes: Procedures, Caterpillars, Shoelaces, Instructions. Caterpillar really wants to be able to tie his shoelaces. And understandably, as there are so many pairs of shoes on his numerous legs. He can do all sorts of things really well. He can count, walk a tightrope, fly a kite and play the drums, but all he really wants to do in the world is tap dance, and he cannot possibly do that when all of his shoelaces are untied.
His friend Rabbit offers to help. He keeps saying that all he needs to do is practise and keep practising as he shows Caterpillar the procedure of how to tie his shoelaces. The routine is told simply and shown in Eckstrom's funny illustrations, enabling a child to follow the instructions with a smile on their face. The looks on Caterpillar's face as he tries each of the instructions will encourage a child to follow his attempts.
Caterpillar is at first disgruntled with his lack of success but with Rabbit's encouragement keeps practising until he gets it right. This is a neat little story, told simply to encourage children to attempt to tie their own shoelaces. With funny illustrations any child would be delighted to try to tie their own, prompted by Caterpillar.
Fran Knight

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